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Jonathan Emmet Reid
Biographical Information
Age 32
Born 1886
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Blue (formerly; determinant)

Red (determinant)

Game Information
Voice Actor Anthony Howell

Jonathan E. Reid is the main protagonist of Vampyr. He is a medical surgeon and a former soldier who participated in the First World War. Reid is infected by a myrdin, a supernatural being made of blood who was a child of the red Queen the morrigan, and becomes a vampire. Driven by his need to feed, a conflicted Reid must choose victims to sustain himself with blood.

To fight his enemies, Reid can use melee combat combined with ranged weapons and his supernatural vampire powers.


Jonathan sports a dark blue coat with brown trims and a white, blue-striped undershirt with a red tie. Jonathan has black hair and large beard. Should Jonathan choose to embrace a citizen, his sclera will turn red, if he keeps embracing citizens, his sclera will turn black and his normally blue eyes will become a deep red with his face showing noticeable veins.



Early Life

Participation in the First World War


Events of Vampyr