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This article is about the district. You may be looking for the building.

Pembroke Hospital is a district in Vampyr.


  • Pembroke Hospital - A hospital and safe zone for this district.


  • Beatrice Goswick - A mother worried for her hospitalized son.
  • Mortimer Goswick - A hospitalized man with a sore throat.
  • Harvey Fiddick - A man with a broken arm who cannot go home because of a dispute his doctors are having.
  • Thoreau Strickland - One of the doctors working at Pembroke. Often bickers with Dr. Ackroyd.
  • Waverley Ackroyd - One of the doctors working at Pembroke. Often bickers with Dr. Strickland.
  • Thomas Elwood - A veteran suffering from chronic pain and scarring due to wartime injuries.
  • Thelma Howcroft - A woman who believes herself to be a vampire.
  • Clay Cox - A former gang leader who has been stabbed outside of the hospital.
  • Edgar Swansea (pillar) - The administrator of Pembroke and member of the Brotherhood of Saint-Paul Stole.
  • Rakesh Chadana (merchant) - The hospital's undertaker, looking after the bodies of recently deceased patients.
  • Corcoran Tippets - One of the doctors working at Pembroke. Very supportive of Gwyneth Branagan.
  • Gwyneth Branagan - One of the nurses working at Pembroke. Extremely skilled in her profession.
  • Newton Blight - A war veteran. Anxious to visit the hospital.
  • Oswald Thatcher - A war veteran. Hopes to get Newton Blight proper medical care despite Newton's anxiety.