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Pippa Hawkins
Pippa Hawkins.png
Biographical Information
Age 36
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Hazel
Social Circle Milton Hooks
District Pembroke Hospital

Pippa Hawkins is a human citizen and nurse at Pembroke Hospital.



Pippa is originally from Birmingham, England. She has at least one sister, Lucy; Lucy is widowed with a young son named Paul, as her husband Billy was killed in France. Pippa's childhood ambition was to become a nurse, and when she grew up she studied to become one. Pippa eventually went to London to work at Pembroke Hospital. She occasionally visited her family back in Birmingham.

While working at the hospital, Pippa met Milton Hooks and the two of them fell in love with each other. However, they were forced to keep their romance a secret, as relationships between hospital staff were forbidden.

Events of Vampyr

By October 1918, in the midst of the Spanish flu epidemic, Pippa has considered quitting Pembroke Hospital. Because of the high death rate in the hospital, Pippa feels that she is no longer useful as a nurse, and desires to make a real change. Nevertheless, she remains at Pembroke, partially for Milton's sake.

Pippa and Milton run a sort of insurance racket within the hospital together. Despite the hospital being overcrowded because of the epidemic, Pippa is able to reserve beds for patients, specifically for those who can pay. She was able to secure a bed for Mortimer Goswick in a private room after Beatrice Goswick paid her, with Beatrice noting that the fee was not cheap.




  • Hint #1: Pippa is thinking about quitting the Pembroke Hospital. (+450 XP)
    • Obtained by reading the Long Letter found in the second reception area of Pembroke Hospital.
  • Hint #2: Pippa has felt useless as a nurse since the beginning of the epidemic (+150 XP)
    • Obtainable after learning Hint #1.
    • Conversation path: "Personal Questions" > "Leaving this hospital?"
      • Hint learned – "Be proud of what you've achieved." or "Patients need you."
      • Hint lost – "This is unacceptable."
  • Hint #3: Pippa and Milton Hooks are a couple (+750 XP)
    • Obtained during the investigation "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil"
  • Hint #4: Pippa saves beds for patients who can pay. (+150 XP)
    • Obtained by speaking to Beatrice Goswick
      • Conversation path: "Complaints about your reception here?" > "Tell me about your arrival."


  • Pippa is aware of the Guard of Priwen's existence, as mentioned in the letter from her sister Lucy, though she initially believes them to be just a civil militia.
    • If Jonathan embraces Milton while Pippa is still alive, Pippa will join the Guard of Priwen.