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Toby Sheen
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Biographical information
Died 1918
Cause of Death Killed by Dr. Jonathan Reid
Physical description
Gender Male
Personal information
Relatives Vincent Sheen (brother; deceased)
Career information
Profession Vampire hunter
Affiliation Guard of Priwen
Game information
Appearance(s) Vampyr

Toby Sheen is a minor character featured in Vampyr. He is a vampire hunter and a loyal member of the Guard of Priwen.


Little is known of Sheen's early life. He was likely born in England sometime before 1900, later joining the organization known as the Guard of Priwen in order to hunt down and kill vampires. He is the brother of Vincent Sheen, another vampire hunter.

Events of Vampyr

Following the burial of Mary Reid, her grave is visited by her elder brother, Doctor Jonathan Reid, who has recently been transformed into a vampire and is also responsible for his sister's death. Jonathan pays his respects and vows to avenge Mary's death.

As Jonathan leaves Stonebridge Cemetery to return to his office at Pembroke Hospital, he is attacked by members of the Guard of Priwen, led by Toby Sheen and his brother, Vincent. Jonathan manages to kill every one of his attackers, including the Sheen brothers.

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