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Usher Talltree
Biographical Information
Age 45
Hair color Black
Eye color Hazel
Social Circle Brotherhood of Saint Paul's Stole
District West End
Investigation "Pandora's Box"
Mesmerism Level 5

Usher Talltree is a human citizen and the Primate of the Brotherhood of Saint Paul's Stole. He resides in West End, in a hall underneath Temple Church.




  • Hint #1: Usher seems to know that many Londoners have been recently murdered. (+1000 XP)
    • Obtained automatically when first speaking with Usher.
  • Hint #2: Usher is aware of the real circumstances of Mary's death. (+500 XP)
    • Conversation path: "Your life in London?" > "Tell me about the neighbourhood?"
  • Hint #3: Usher is believed to be a vampire by the Guard of Priwen. (+1000 XP)
    • Obtained by reading the Personal Notebook found as part of the Pandora's Box investigation.


Usher, like all citizens, can be embraced by Jonathan Reid or spared.

Death Report

Usher Talltree, 45 years old(?), male. The man who seemingly knew everything and told no one. When I claimed his life, he granted what memories he wished. Yet, I cannot know whether what I found was the truth or a vision he wanted to share with me. Was he human? Unlikely. Vampire, maybe, but from a rare species or branch. He acted as a fortune-teller, but held powers bestowed upon the leader of the Brotherhood of Saint Paul's Stole, a group of so-called neutral observers who study vampires. However, Mr. Talltree relied too much upon the untouchable reputation of his Brotherhood. He could not foresee my attack, even less his death. His last thoughts sounded like a judgement.

–Jonathan Reid